Food processing

Monitor and validate your food processes

Food processing

Sterilization, pasteurization, packaging deformation, drying, cooking, freeze drying, freezing and microwave. QLEVER software calculates sterilization, pasteurisation and cooking values and helps you validate your processes.


PicoVACQ, NanoVACQ and NanoVACQ Flat families enable the measurement of temperature and pressure inside autoclaves and packagings.

For autoclave monitoring, the multi logger communication interface allows you to read temperature or temperature/pressure data from 96 loggers at once.

The use of NanoVACQ Radio is highly recommended for autoclave validation and monitoring.



TMI-Orion loggers (PicoVACQ and NanoVACQ families) are suitable for validating processes with temperatures up to +150°C without thermal protection. Beyond this temperature the loggers are placed in thermal shields.


=> PicoVACQ Temperature
=> NanoVACQ Temperature

VACQ xFlatFor specific applications of bakery and pastry, the temperature in tunnel ovens can be validated in various points with the VACQ xFlat and its thermocouples (up to 16).

=> VACQ xFlat




NanoVACQ HT and PicoVACQ HT measure the temperature and humidity parameters during drying cycles (i.e.: pasta, delicatessen, cookies...) and fermentation processes.

=> PicoVACQ HT
=> NanoVACQ HT



VACQ uFlat

VACQ uPlat is a datalogger with 3 thermocouple channels. It is 7,5 mm high and can measure temperature in small clearance dry heat ovens, such as the ones used for can lid coating polymerization.

=> VACQ uPlat


PicoVACQ inside plastic can

With NanoVACQ PT Tc and PicoVACQ PT, you can measure the differences of pressure and temperature between the inside and the outside of your packagings and determine the counter-pressure to be applied.

=> PicoVACQ PT
=> NanoVACQ PT

PicoVACQ inside plastic canThanks to its small size, PicoVACQ easily fits inside bottles through standard bottle-necks or any flexible packaging. It is designed to provide information during filling, sealing and transport.





NanoVACQ records temperature down to -80°C without thermal shield.

=> NanoVACQ Temperature





Picoµwave is specially designed to validate temperature of products inside micro-wave ovens. It can be placed in food or immersed into a liquid.

=> PicoVACQ Temperature




NanoVACQ Déformation

NanoVACQ Deformation with its positioning kit measures the dimensional variations in boxes, pouches, trays, cans and most types of packaging during cooking or sterilization processes, for example.

=> NanoVACQ Deformation




NanoVACQ 1Td for pasteurization in bottle

NanoVACQ 1Td, with a special probe, is the solution for the control of pasteurization of beer or any other drink in bottles.







NanoVACQ weight

Weight and constraints measurement on cans during storage and transportation.



QLEVER SoftwareQLEVER software

Developped by TMI-Orion, allows data reading and processing. It is compatible with the radio transmission version and can be linked to a process control system.

QLEVER with 21 CFR Part 11 option

Data is collected, analyzed, displayed and reported with security and integrity functions such as : Management of user's account, 3 levels of Audit trail (administration, software   and data file), setup file mode to create recording with free selection of  loggers and channels, advanced secured data files management system (TMI Database) showing both Setup files and recordings,
reports including pictures, chamber mapping, Electronic signature of reports...

Process control

Thanks to real time capability with radio data loggers, a closed loop on your process is possible. Contact us.

Logger networking

Need to link your measurement data to your internal network? Contact us.