Control of temperature, humidity and shrinkage in drying processes of bricks, tiles and ceramics.

CeriDryCeriDry correlates the evolution of humidity rate and air temperature with the shrinkage of bricks, tiles or ceramics while they dry.

It also enables the acute evaluation of drying within two parts of the same brick or tile.

A version with real time data by radio transmission is also available. This option is a way of implementing a control of the process.


QLEVER softwareThe data is read through TMI-Orion QLEVER software for acquisition, analysis and technical data management.
The development was done in cooperation with an industrial group manufacturing equipment for ceramic manufacturing in order to satisfy the needs of these industries.



1 platinum temperature sensor
1 capacitive humidity sensor
Linear potentiometer shrinkage measurement


CeriDry RadioCeriDry Radio

Sending data in real time by radio.
This device allows to consider a process control.


With the FullRadio option, the logger can be set up and read out in real time and wireless by bidirectional radio transmission. It is then possible to start and stop the data logger while it stays inside the industrial process.