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You need to monitor your manufacturing processes?

Ceramics - Bricks - Tiles

TMI-Orion will help you find the best technical solutions for measuring all the physical parameters you are dealing with. An evolving data processing software, Qlever Ceramics, will assist you for monitoring and even controlling your processes.


Consider that TMI-Orion has a solution for each one of those parameters and can give you the possibility of recording several of them with the same measurement system. This gives you a perfect way of correlating the different parameters all together.


Temperature, Humidity, Shrinkage: CeriDry

The Ceramic drying process data logger, CeriDry enables correlation between humidity variation, air temperature with shrinkage of tiles and bricks while they dry. It also gives accurate evaluation of the drying process between two parts of the same brick or tile.

CeriDry data sheet

Temperature, Shrinkage: High-T-Dry

For high temperature dryers, TMI-Orion has designed a ceramic drying process data logger for monitoring shrinkage and temperature up to 250°C, High-T-Dry.

High-T-Dry data sheet


Temperature, Air Flow: NanoVACQ Ad-Td

The NanoVACQ Ad is an air flow data logger specially designed for bricks and tiles industry needs during drying process. It enables measurement of temperature and air flow simultaneously inside dryers, or even temperature inside the product.

NanoVACQ Ad data sheet

Weight, Temperature: Drybal

Drybal, a ceramic weight data logger, enables temperature and weight recording during drying process.

DryBal data sheet

Temperature for mapping: VACQ xFlat

The VACQ xFlat, with its 16 thermocouple channels and its small size may be used to create a mapping of temperature inside dryers.

VACQ xFlat data sheet



Temperature: VACQ III

The VACQ III, a ceramic curing data logger, enables the measurement of temperature during ceramics, tiles and bricks curing cycles, up to 1200°C. It has 8 to 16 type K thermocouples (supplied with the data logger).

VACQ III data sheet

Qlever Ceramics

The specific Qlever Ceramic Software displays temperature in your curing and drying processes, but also enables association of tunnel profiles : wagon size, sensors positioning, pace duration, position of equipments (burners, hot air fans). Moreover, for each acquisition, a temperature screen gives you the value and position of the cold spot and much more.

Qlever Ceramic Software data sheet

Process control and feedback loop on your process

VACQ III, VACQ xFlat and CeriDry are available in Radio Transmitter versions, therefore allowing not only a real time visualisation of data during cycle but also on line control of your process. TMI-Orion will provide you with hardware and software means for controlling your process.

 Thermal shields

For applications at a temperature higher than 150°C it is necessary to protect the data logger with a thermal shield.

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