Research & Development

Research & Development

As a specialist of embedded measurement systems design, TMI-Orion's Research & Development (R&D) team has always been customer-driven to meet the needs of its clients. The entire company focuses on compliance with development regulations in relation to each industry, in a constant search of adjustment between development methods and current regulations. We comply with ISO9001, ATEx, CEM, Radio regulations and soon with AMS, GAMP and DO regulations.

Our expertise is based on an R&D team with 9 engineers (1 PhD in Electronics, 1 Master in Engineering of Spatial Systems, 2 Microelectronics and Automatisms Engineers, 1 Apprentice in Mechanical Engineering, 1 Industrial Computing Engineer, 1 Mechanical Engineer, 1 Master in Electronics, 1 Master in Bio-statistics) whose skills are regularly enhanced and updated by professional training. Two of our engineers have passed the IPC CID certification in September 2017.

Our team is currently working on very significant directions for our customers, aiming at reinforcing systems functionalities, ruggedness in harsh environments, miniaturization and power supply.

New functionalities

Continuously searching for new functionalities and greater reliability, we make it a rule to respect development rules compliant with international regulations as well as IPC recommendations. Special care is given to microcode development adapted to embedded systems applications.

  • Our offer of platinum temperature sensors will shortly be reinforced with a versatile system with 10 measurement channels, allowing the choice of connectivity, communication mode or power supply.
  • Our thermocouple data loggers will benefit from significant innovations regarding response times, both for "universal" and specific thermocouple models.
  • The electronics of the NanoVACQ Deformation has just been upgraded.

Ruggedness in harsh environments

We are constantly improving :

Operating ranges

We are developing embedded systems resistant to wider temperature ranges.

Ionizing radiation

We are currently carrying out tests in radioactive environment, in partnership with the University of Montpellier, in order to toughen our embedded systems.

Watertightness under pressure

We are improving the watertightness of our products, especially with regard to sensors connections.

Power supply management

A few years ago, we improved the packaging of our lithium batteries with the addition of an hermetically sealed container. We are now working on the optimization of sustainability and safety of the power supplies of our products. Research is being carried out to adapt our electronics to super capacitor technology.

Great care is also given to the choice of components and to the development of adapted microcode, to provide better energy consumption management.


Projects are being carried out to improve the performances of our calibration lab, including  the design of new calibration benches in anemometry and deformation.

The scientific and experimental capabilities of our engineering team allows us to seek improvement in all the fields mentioned above, in addition to entering into scientific partnerships with specialized laboratories or public and private research centers. TMI-Orion answers demanding high standards markets with rugged and reliable embedded systems.