Thermal treatment

Thermal treatment

TMI-Orion offers a complete line of temperature data loggers for monitoring thermal treatment of materials. Customized thermal shields fitting the thermal profiles are engineered for temperature above 140°C.

Qlever software, developed by TMI-Orion, allows measurement conditions programming, data reading out, and data processing.

The TMI-Orion data loggers offer numerous solutions for temperature measurement in industrial environments. Thanks to rugged and, for most of them, watertight structures, they can operate inside high pressure processes. With RTD sensors (Pt100 ou Pt1000) or thermocouples, the different models of the PicoVACQ, NanoVACQ and VACQ make always possible finding the measurement solution for any process. From -80°C to 140°C and up to 1200°C with a thermal shield, in dry or moist heat, there is model to fit the process specifications.

The VACQ uFlat is an ultra flat temperature datalogger with 3 thermocouple channels. Its very small dimensions (7.5 mm high) fit in limited clearance dry heat ovens, such as the ones used for can lids coating polymerization.

The VACQ xFlat, 4, 8 or 16 thermocouples, is not watertight, but its very small height makes it very practical in many applications.

For all applications with various temperature and pressure specifications, in dry or humid environments, we can consider cutomized developments of our watertight VACQs. For example: up to 15 bar, 250°C during several hours, up to 30 thermocouples of any type.

The PicoVACQ Thermocouple, is remarkably small, even with its thermal shield.

The product lines PicoVACQ and NanoVACQ have also the possibility to measure simultaneously pressure and temperature. The are able to measure from 30 mBar absolute to 30 Bar.

The product lines PicoVACQ and NanoVACQ have also the possibility to measure simultaneously relative humidity and temperature inside thermal chambers or ovens.

Air flow measurement and temperature are also possible with the NanoVACQ.

Most of those data loggers are available with Radio 2.4 GHz option and/or Ex options.

Examples of applications

  • Alumina calcination - High purity
  • Wood pellets drying
  • Solar thermal glass coating
  • Printed circuit board soldering
  • Temperature tests
  • Composite polymerization
  • Can lids coating polymerization

Data loggers for these applications

VACQ xPlatPicoVACQ Thermocouple

VACQ xFlat, 16 thermocouples, H 20 mm                PicoVACQ, 1 thermocouple, D 15 mm

NanoVACQ-xFlatVACQ uPlat

NanoVACQ xFlat, 1 platinum sensor, H 7,5 mm      VACQ uFlat, 3 thermocouples, H 7,5 mm

NanoVACQ PT Tc RadioVACQ Autoclave

NanoVACQ Pressure Temperature (Pt1000) radio  NanoVACQ Humidity Temperature radio


NanoVACQ Air flow, Temperature (Pt100)    

Thermal shield High Temperature.jpgThermal shield 200/120

Thermal shield (high temperature)              Thermal shield example


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