PicoVACQ platinum sensors

PicoVACQ Temperature platinum sensors

High technologies in the smallest volume you can imagine. Measure temperature during your thermal validation processes, even in the smallest packagings.

PicoVACQ familyPicoVACQ is the most miniaturized family of products from TMI-Orion: D. 15 mm, length from 22 mm.

All the models of this family enable quality control and process validation.
Among the most common applications :

  • sterilization validation (steam or ethylene oxide)
  • freezer mapping
  • temperature measurement in microwave ovens
  • pasteurization validation




1 internal temperature sensor




PicoVACQ 1Tc with 3 different probes

PicoVACQ 1Tc

1 temperature sensor at the end of a rigid probe with a  length to be determined between 10 and 220 mm.



PicoVACQ 1Td with flexible probe

PicoVACQ 1Td

1 temperature sensor at the end of a flexible or semi-rigid probe enabling temperature measurement between -70°C and 140°C. Battery to be defined according to application.
Also available with long rigid probes.


PicoVACQ 1Tdi with connectable probe

PicoVACQ 1tdi

1 temperature sensor at the end of a connectable thin flexible probe. Fine for temperature control in dry-freezer (down to -70°C).





Pico microwavePico microwave bullet

PicoVACQ Microwave

Two special versions for temperature measurement inside micro wave ovens: to be pinned into the food or immersed in a liquid.




PicoVACQ in plastic pouchPicoVACQ in plastic pouchTo control temperature (calculation of sterilization value, Pasteurization unit and cooking value), place the probe directly inside the smallest packagings.



PicoVACQ in metal packageSome PicoVACQ Temperature models are available with EX version for applications in explosive environment.