Technological development

Technological development

Continuous development of new systems, enhancing and improving existing offerings, and the development of customized products for specific applications.

Advanced technologies to be used in the design of measurement equipment for severe industrial environment such as: flexibles probes, watertight connections at high pressure, energy supply adapted to different industrial applications, thermal transfer, use of new materials in extreme conditions (temperature, pressure), specific sensors etc ...

Expertise in the most advanced technologies enables our R&D team to work on projects in the following fields:

High temperature electronic systems

  • Design of analog and digital electronic systems
  • Data acquisition systems
  • Wireless data transmission
  • Large temperature range radio transmission


  • In house development of TMI-Orion software
  • Interfacing with industrial systems under Windows
  • Design of customized applications

Heat transfer

Development of thermal shields to retain heat transfer to the logger. Use in steam, vacuum, dry environments...

Industrial processes

Extended knowledge of industrial needs enables our R&D team to adapt the design to specific customer needs.
Many original applications have been developped in industrial sectors such as food, hospitals, mechanical,  etc ...