Process Control

Process Control

Thanks to Qlever software,  real time data transmission and the different connectivity features, TMI-Orion is offering engineering services for industrial process control solutions.

The diversity of physical parameters proposed by TMI-Orion (temperature, pressure, humidity, weight, deformation, air flow) as well as the wide range of models able to transmit data in real time, enable the control of processes. Numerous applications have been developped in collaboration with our customers.

Some applications

  • Food sterilization with deformation measurement
  • Food sterilization with temperature measurement
  • Food procesing with humidity processing
  • Pharmaceutical sterlization with temperature measurement
  • Ceramic drying with temperature and humidity measurement
  • Chemical processes with humidity measurement
  • Material treatment with humidity measurement

Some of the loggers used for these applications

VACQ xFlat - 16 voies de thermocouples

     VACQ xPlat, 16 thermocouples, H 20 mm

NanoVACQ PT Tc RadioCeridry

NanoVACQ Pressure Temperature, Radio     CeriDry, Temperature Humidity Shrinkage, Radio

QLEVERRécepteur Radio

Qlever software                                        Receiver and its connectivity