Qlever Software

Qlever Software

TMI-Orion Qlever software is regularly updated by our R&D lab.


Qlever is a software solution for the acquisition, analysis and visualization of data measured by TMI-Orion data loggers. With Qlever, you can :

  • define the conditions of use of TMI-Orion and customer equipment,
  • collect raw data,
  • calculate and create industry oriented measurement and validation reports.

Qlever software offers ease of use, flexibility and customization.

Two versions are available. The choice is made according to the use:

Qlever:  Software platform dedicated to the management of one or several TMI-Orion data loggers.

Qlever Lite : Simplified software solution intended for managing a single wired TMI-Orion data logger. Cannot be combined with any of the sofware modules.

Modules to be combined with Qlever:

  • Authentication-Tracking module - FDA 21 CFR part 11
  • Pharma module - FDA 21 CFR Part 11
  • Autoclave validation module -  ISO 17665/ EN 13 060/ EN 554/ EN 285/ EN 868
  • Mapping module  - FDX15-140 et IEC60068.3.11
  • Calibration module - Mode Expert, mode automatisé, mode manuel
  • Washing-disinfection module  - ISO 15883
  • Ceramic module

Qlever and Qlever Lite standard functionalities

FUNCTIONS Qlever Qlever Lite
Set up and reading of TMI-Orion data loggers yes yes
Compatibility with TMI-Orion universal thermocouple data loggers. Version and following Version and following
Calculations: F0, A0, Vp, saturated steam yes yes
Data exportation to spreadsheet yes yes
Encrypted databases yes yes
Compatible with a USB mono loggger communication interface yes yes
Compatible with a USB multi logger communication interface yes  
Data analysis and statistics: minimum, maximum, average, maximum spread, standard deviation, time above, time under, ramp time, equilibration time, MKT, calculation of slope... yes  
Library of calculations and automatic calculations upon reading the data yes  
Overlap and merging of curves (data files except set up) yes  
Manages TMI-Orion FullRadio data loggers yes  
Real time reading of data (FullRadio/radio) yes  
Can be combined with all software modules yes  

Special features

Possible adaptations to specific customer needs such as:
- Qlever for wired real-time monitoring,
- Qlever Process management for communication with PLC and closed loop control of your process.

Authentication - Tracking module - FDA 21 CFR Part 11

Dedicated to secure management of user access, with creation of different accounts and access levels (Administrator, approval, operator).

Complete tracking of processes and data including any addition, deletion or modification operation (Audit trail).

This module is also included in the Pharma module.

Pharma module - 21 CFR Part 11

Meets the requirements of the pharmaceutical industry.

Dedicated to all thermal cycle analysis.

Extensive measurement report with statistical calculations detailed by cycles and steps.

Autoclave validation module - ISO 17665
(conformité aux exigences FDA 21 CFR part 11 en option)

Intended for analysis and validation of humid heat sterilization cycles and vacuum test.

Dynamic pressure validation.
The pressure variation rate is used for the validation of the required perfomance of the packages materials compliant with EN 868.

Data treatment and presentation in an extensive validation report in compliance with ISO 17665 / EN 13060 / EN 554 / EN 285.

Mapping module - FDX15-140 and IEC60068.3.11

Intended for climatic and thermostatic chambers - or any kind of thermal regulation devices such as rooms, ovens, autoclaves - characterization and checking of temperature and humidity.

Possibility of creating relative humidity calculated channels.

Data treatment and presentation in an extensive compliance report with FDX 15-140 / IEC 60068.3.11.

Washing-disinfection module -  ISO 15883

Intended for analysis and validation of washing-disinfection cycles. Data treatment and presentation in an extensive validation report in compliance with ISO 15 883.

Calibration module

Dedicated to TMI-Orion temperature and humidity loggers calibration process: calibration, adjustment, checking and editing of a report.

Available with a library of drivers, to communicate with a wide variety of calibration equipment: baths, ovens, reference probes.

Delivers a calibration and adjustment report.

Available with Expert mode, Automatic mode or Manual mode.

Ceramic Module

Thermal profile mapping in various ponts of a cart load during the entire industrial curing cycle.

Kiln description: kiln length and number, lenght and duration of pushes.

Load description: positioning and 3D visualization of thermocouple probes, types and number of products.

Kiln configuration: Position of burners, probes, fans, etc..inside the kiln.

Pushes and events management: cart thermocouple probes temperature visualization according to cart localization inside the kiln.