Control of temperature and shrinkage in drying processes of bricks, tiles and ceramics.

High-T-DryHigh-T-Dry correlates the evolution of air temperature with the shrinkage of bricks, tiles or ceramics while they dry. It also enables the acute evaluation of drying within two parts of the same brick or tile.

The product has been specifically designed to respond to the high temperature drying processes up to 250°C.

The High-T-Dry is an autonomous logger that includes a remote temperature sensor and a special shrinkage sensor. The body of the NanoVACQ can be exposed to a temperature of 125°C (257°F). The sensors are displayed on a plate that can be exposed to higher temperature with a maximum of 250°C(482°F).

The NanoVACQ is equipped with tightness connectors and has been designed to be immersed in the thermal shield's water. High-T-Dry has a diameter of 31mm and a height of 39 mm. The remote temperature sensor and the shrinkage sensors are set on a plate at the end of a high temperature cable.


High-T-Dry avec bouclier thermiqueHigh-T-Dry

1 platinum temperature sensor
Linear potentiometer




High-T-Dry with thermal shield