Underwater robotics

Underwater robotics

Complete solutions for measurement and operation in underwater environments: ROV, modules and data loggers, Electrical Manipulator Arm...

Underwater The underwater modular robotic platform S-ROV is intended for various operations in shallow water and seabed, with the different modular blocks: sensors, multi-axe arm, winches, monitoring units for surface facilities.

The modularity of our system offers reliability, scalability and easy maintenance.


S-ROV Platform

The various features of the platform offer solutions in the following fields:

- oceanology, hydrology, archeology,
- offshore oil and gas, telecom, wind,
- environment,
- maritime and shipbuilding companies,
- aquaculture...

For more information on our offer for underwater robotics, please visit our website tmi-orion-dynamics:

TMI-Orion Dynamics




Solutions for underwater measurement

TMI-Orion offers soluitions for underwater measurement (temperature, pressure...) for a variety of applications as: environmental protection, oceanology, hydrology, offshore energy, aquaculture...   The solutions include the S-ROV modular platform [...]

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