NanoVACQ Flat - NanoVACQ xFlat

NanoVACQ Flat, NanoVACQ xFlat

Temperature control inside cans, pouches, trays, containers, autoclaves, pasteurizators, ovens, dryers... or any flat materials like wood, plaster boards...

NanoVACQ Flat, different probes

NanoVACQ Flat

NanoVACQ Flat (diameter 40mm, height 11 mm) has been designed to answer the needs of temperature measurement in flat access environment, including applications requiring watertightness under pressure.

Can be placed directly on a vial or an ampoule of a few millimeters.

NanoVACQ Flat needle

The NanoVACQ Flat "Needle" (diameter 2 mm) can also be used outside a can while the probe is inserted inside the can.




NanoVACQ xFlat

NanoVACQ xFlat

Designed for flat access applications.

With 7.5 mm height this extra flat NanoVACQ fits the very thin materials such as wood, plasterboard or any other narrow spaces.