Thermal shields

Extend the loggers operating range with heat shields

Thermal shields

TMI-Orion is offering heat shields providing a significant extension of the loggers operating range.

TMI-Orion offers an extended range of thermal shields to be used with its data loggers at extreme temperature up to 1300°C. To a series of standard thermal shields, described in the data sheet, we add shields specially customized according to the specifications of the thermal profile (temperature, time, size, pressure, environment).

The application thermal profile determines the size, shape and technology of the shield.


An important choice of technologies, insulators, phase change materials, Dewar, water, makes it possible to respond to most industrial needs in clean industries as food and pharmaceutical as well as in heavy industries as ceramics, metallurgy, automobile, composites or any other industrial thermal treatment.




Cylindrical or rectangular, they fit TMI-Orion loggers: PicoVACQ 1Td, NanoVACQ 1Td, High-T-Dry, VACQ III, VACQ xFlat, VACQ Autoclave.

Engineering thermal shields for measuring temperature inside industrial process under pressure or vaccuum is possible.

Shock and thermal shields can be customized using materials as Teflon® for moving applications.