Positioning kit for freeze-drying

Positioning kit for freeze-drying

The positioning kit for PicoVACQ 1Td in freeze-drying freezers keeps the temperature sensor in permanent contact with the surface of the shelf during freeze-drying cycles.

PicoVACQ 1Td positioning kit for freeze-drying

To make sure that the PicoVACQ 1Td temperature sensor stays in contact with the freezer shelf during the freeze-drying cycle, we have designed a specific fixture which:

  • Protects the PicoVACQ 1Td from shock and crushing hazard,
  • Optimizes the thermal conduction in temperature measurement,
  • Offers a solution with small dimensions and is easy to carry.

How to use the accessory:

  • Insert the PicoVACQ 1Td probe in the hole intended for measurement,
  • Clip the PicoVACQ 1Td body in the main slot,
  • Place the fixture on the freezer shelf, making sure the flat part always stays in contact with the shelf.

Boîtier en PEEK et cuivre pour PicoVACQ 1Td