NanoVACQ Temperature

Temperature monitoring and thermal validation inside cans, trays, containers, autoclaves, pasteurizators, ovens, dryers, freeze-dryers... From -90°C to +140°C.

NanoVACQ température, pression et températureThe NanoVACQ Temperature is a data logger watertight under pressure made of 316L stainless steel with platinum technology sensors (Pt 100 ou Pt 1000). Its ruggedness allows temperature measurement in harsh industrial environments.

Many models are available, responding to most industrial needs. They vary by many aspects: number and type of probes, temperature operating range, battery capacity.

The NanoVACQ Temperature (diameter 31 mm, length from 31 to 132 mm) is equiped with 1, 2 or 3 temperature probes. The different standard models, that can also vary by probe length and shape, are briefly described below. For more details about their technical specifications, it is recommended to download the data sheet.

Operating ranges :

From 0°C to +125°C
From -55°C to +140°C
From -90°C to +85°C

NanoVACQ Temperature FullRadio is available for full wireless data logging and real time monitoring.


NanoVACQ 1Tc

NanoVACQ 1Tc or 2Tc

One or two 316L stainless steel rigid probes with customized length up to 200 mm and terminated with round, sharp or bevelled tips.




NanoVACQ 1Td sonde semi rigide NanoVACQ 2Td sondes souples

NanoVACQ 1Td, 2Td or 3Td

One, two or three Viton® or Teflon® flexible probes or semi-rigid (316L) probes. The length of probes depends on the application. The probe material depends on the conditions of use.



NanoVACQ 1Tc-1Td

NanoVACQ 1Tc-1Td or 1Tc-2Td

One 316L Stainless steel rigid probe and 1 or 2 semi-rigid (316L SS) or flexible probes (Viton®)






NanoVACQ 1Td sonde semi rigideNanoVACQ 2Tdi et 3TdiNanoVACQ 1Tdi, 2Tdi, 3Tdi

1, 2 or 3 disconnectable probes (Fischer connectors)


NanoVACQ 1Tc-2Tdi


NanoVACQ 1Tc-2Tdi

1 rigid probe,
2 disconnectable probes (Fischer connectors)





NanoVACQ 1Td FullRadio sondes souples

NanoVACQ FullRadio

The NanoVACQ Temperature FullRadio models can be set up and read out in real time and wireless by bidirectional radio transmission. It is then possible to start and stop the data logger while it stays inside the industrial process.
Moreover, associated with a control loop system, it allows a real time process control.

Some of these models are available in Ex version, norm II 1 G EEx IIC T6,
compatible with the use in Ethylene oxyde sterilization. Please contact us for more info.

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