NEW - VACQ xFlat 2.8 Radio

VACQ xFlat 2.8 Radio with interchangeable power supply 16-channel real time data logger with universal, K or T connectors for type T, J, K, N, B, R, S, E thermocouples. Depending on the thermocouples used the measurement range varies from  -230°C to +400°C  to 0°C to [...]

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NEW - Qlever software

Qlever software TMI-Orion Qlever software platform is regularly updated by our R&D lab to enhance and enrich its functionalities and user experience. Qlever has moved to version 2.3. This new edition is particularly important as it offers, besides various confort updates, three [...]

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NEW-VACQ xFlat universal FullRadio

Extending its offer of configurable channel data loggers, TMI-Orion presents the new VACQ xFlat universal FullRadio: a 16-channel real time wireless data logger. This new data logger is equipped with 16 universal miniature connectors, allowing the use of a variety of thermocouples (Types T, J, [...]

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NEW PicoVACQ Thermocouple universal

TMI-Orion introduces the PicoVACQ Thermocouple universal: a very small thermocouple data logger with a versatile measurement range. This new data logger has one configurable thermocouple channel allowing the use of various types of thermocouples : T, J, K, N, B, R, S, E. As part of the [...]

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