NEW - Qlever software

Qlever software TMI-Orion Qlever software platform is regularly updated by our R&D lab to enhance and enrich its functionalities and user experience. Qlever has moved to version 2.3. This new edition is particularly important as it offers, besides various confort updates, three [...]

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NEW-VACQ xFlat universal FullRadio

Extending its offer of configurable channel data loggers, TMI-Orion presents the new VACQ xFlat universal FullRadio: a 16-channel real time wireless data logger. This new data logger is equipped with 16 universal miniature connectors, allowing the use of a variety of thermocouples (Types T, J, [...]

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NEW PicoVACQ Thermocouple universal

TMI-Orion introduces the PicoVACQ Thermocouple universal: a very small thermocouple data logger with a versatile measurement range. This new data logger has one configurable thermocouple channel allowing the use of various types of thermocouples : T, J, K, N, B, R, S, E. As part of the [...]

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New VACQ xFlat FullRadio

Designed for very high temperatures measurement, the new model of VACQ xFlat FullRadio is equipped with 8 connectors for type B thermocouples and 8 connectors for type S thermocouples. Read more about the VACQ xFlat family of data loggers.

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FullRadio mode is optional on most of NanoVACQ and VACQ loggers. It allows remote set up and reading of data, wireless and real time. It is thus possible to start or stop the logger while it stays inside the industrial process. NanoVACQ Temperature NanoVACQ Pressure and [...]

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