Water Content

Water Content

Measuring moisture inside materials.

Moisture, water content in materials

In order to enlarge our offering for industrial process control, in partnership with ACO Automation Components, expert in moisture measurement inside materials, we propose a moisture measurement system suitable for material production lines.

The sensor is placed in contact with the material to be tested inside the manufacturing processes (storage, drying, thermal treatments ...). Connected to your process control system those sensors participate to your automatic control of quality.

Fields of application

Moisture measurement is needed in all kind of industries such as: concrete, ceramic, food, flower mills, chemical, pharmaceutical and many more. Examples of products are grains, granulate, gravel, sand, ore, taconite, sugar, rice, coffee, detergents, clay, wood pellets, gypsum and many more.

Technical features

This equipment uses a capacitive sensor measuring dielectric constants. This measurement is then associated with the percentage of moisture content by weight. The system offers you a real time measurement. Measurement is possible through glass or plastic. The sensor detects approximately 150 mm into the product (depending on the material) and it detects average product moisture.This includes surface moisture as well as core moisture of the material.


Outside France and North America, please contact directly ACO : ACO Automation Components


Few examples of applications

Ceramic powder - Wood sawdust - Gypsum

Clay - Salt - Minerals and concrete

Limestone - Sintermix - Ash of brown coal

Sewage sludge - Pomace of fruits - Glue coating