VACQ xFlat Pt100

VACQ xFlat Pt100

Temperature measurement at 10 points simultaneously with Pt100 platinum sensors, from -90°C to +260°C.  

VACQ xFlat Pt100 The VACQ xFlat Pt100 is a temperature data logger (-90°C to +260°C) equipped with Fischer Connector, LEMO or Sub-D 25 connectors for 10 Pt100 connectable platinum sensors.

It uses Qlever software and the same communication interfaces than the other TMI-Orion data loggers. So it can be combined with other TMI-Orion data loggers for a compete characterization of the process, in temperature, pressure and humidity.

The VACQ xFlat Pt100 is placed outside the equipment, the probes only are inserted in the chamber.

It is a good choice for chamber mapping and other processes with a measurement range from -90°C to +260°C.

  • 10 Pt100 channels on the same data logger.
  • 3 types of connectors available: Fischer Connectors®, LEMO®, Sub-D 25.
  • Data logging and analysis with TMI-Orion Qlever software and related application modules.
  • Interchangeable power supply: AC adaptor or batteries.
  • Light (< 0.4 kg) and compact data logger (L.150 mm x H.20 mm x l.80 mm), easy to transport and handle in constraint spaces.

VACQ xFlat Pt100 with Fischer Connectors

VACQ xFlat Pt100

10 connectors Fischer Connectors®


VACQ xFlat Pt100 with LEMO

VACQ xFlat Pt100

10 LEMO® connectors


VACQ xFlat Pt100 with Sub-D 25

VACQ xFlat Pt100

2 Sub-D 25 connectors (2 x 5 channels)