Products and services

Products and services

TMI-Orion offers a wide range of connected data loggers measuring various physical values with great precision, operating in extreme and harsh industrial conditions, and closed or dangerous environments, including temperature, pressure, vibration, humidity, corrosive, explosive, chemical environments.


Over 200 products designed, developed and manufactured for a wide variety of applications:

  • Data loggers: VACQ, NanoVACQ, PicoVACQ, CeriDry families
  • Temperature, pressure, humidity, restraint, weight, air flow, constraint gauge
  • Battery autonomy: varies with the use, up to 400 hours at high temperatures.
  • User replaceable battery packs.
  • Up to 32 measurement channels and 3 different physical values per data logger.
  • Connectivity: USB wire interface, Radio and FullRadio 2.4 GHz gateways.
  • Data logger miniaturization: down to 4 cm3
  • Software platform (Qlever®) for process data management and visualization.
  • IQ/OQ validation documents related to Qlever industry modules.


  • Metrology laboratory: sensors calibration and adjusting
  • After-sales services including metrology, maintenance, assistance, and hotline
  • Customized specific solutions design and development of products and software