Data management software

Data management software

TMI-Orion edits its own data processing software for optimized reading and processing of your data


Acquisition, analysis and data management software. Enables visualization of measurement, calculation on data and creation of reports.

QLEVER is now available with several options:

  • QLEVER with mapping FDX15-140 and IEC60068.3.11
  • 21 CFR part 11
  • Pharma
  • Ceramics
  • Autoclave process validation in compliance with ISO 17665
  • Temperature calibration (Manual and automatic modes)
  • Washing and disinfection

QLEVER Lite is the simplified, lower budget version. It is mainly intended for the use of a single TMI-Orion data logger.

Standard features

File management: a simple interface enables file management, all the calibration files are easily visible with updated date, data storage in database.

Configuration: configuration menu enables selection of communication ports, selection of measurement units and calibration file management.

Communication ports: the availbale communication ports can be selected with every kind of communication interface.

Loggers management: possibility of using various ports and all kind of interfaces during the same recording, single window to check validity of calibration files and loggers status, possibility ot install a calibration file without leaving the window.

Programming: visualization of logger status, programming and statring of loggers event if others are not ready, possibility of applying different setups (start date, acquisition frequency...) to each logger.

Reading the loggers: on the same screen graphical, analytical, statistical results. Numerous possibilities of graphical analysis (zoom, cursor, limits, scales, etc...), superposition of curves, saving all acquisition points, zoning of schemes.

Easy to use thanks to customizable transparency of the windows.

Possibility to calculate on each channel (Vs, F0, A0, Vp, offset, slope, %, ax+b,...)

Compatible with all TMI-Orion loggers including radio loggers
Free software updates.

Special features

Possible adaptations to specific customer needs such as :

  • QLEVER for wired real time monitoring
  • QLEVER Process management for communication with PLC and closed loop control of your process. 


QLEVER Pharma - with 21 CFR Part 11 option

Data is collected, analyzed, displayed and reported with security and integrity functions such as:

  • Management of user's account,
  • 3 levels of Audit trail (administration, software and data file).
  • Setup file mode to create recording with free selection of loggers and channels,
  • Advanced secured data files management system (TMI Database) showing both Setup files and recordings
  • Reports including pictures, chamber mapping,
  • Electronic signature of reports,
  • Backup and restore of accounts,
  • For test purposes, possibility to program loggers and create recordings using Standard mode without creating reports.
  • Process description (type of sterilizers, service providers, comments...), addition of pictures,
  • Creation of a Setup containing all process information,
  • Validation of cycles managment, splitting and definition of cycles,
  • Positionning of probes in the load,
  • Thermal distribution with a custom photo of your environment,
  • Calculation of the Min/Max/Average, standard deviation, F0, A0, time above a temperature, equivalence temperature-pressure in saturated steam...on programmable periods.


QLEVER with autoclave validation ISO 17665

Set up, analysis and report of sterilization cycles in compliance with the norm ISO 17665.
This software enables autoclave sterilization processes validation in health care industries and hospitals.


QLEVER with mapping NFX15-140 and IEC60068.3.11

Set up, analysis and report of climatic test chamber mapping in compliance with the norms.


QLEVER with cleaning disinfection ISO 15883

Set up, analysis and report of cleaning/disinfection process in compliance with the norm ISO 15883.
This software enables cleaning/disinfection process validation in health care industries and hospitals.


QLEVER Ceramics

Definition of kiln, addition of items, superposition of thermal profile and kiln map, events management, placement of thermocouples inside kilns and tunnels.


Manual mode calibration

Manually generating calibration steps in temperature, calibration and adjustment with editing of a report.

Automatic mode calibration

Automtically generating calibration steps in temperature ensuring communication with the bath and the reference probe, calibration and adjustment with editing of a report.