S-ROV - Remotely operated vehicle

S-ROV - Remotely operated vehicle

Underwater modular vehicle platform for inspection, measurement and operation.

The S-ROV is a configurable and upgradable platform for underwater inspection, measurement and operation.

The ready to add technological bricks create tailored solutions for a wide range of customer needs in plug and play mode.


Targeted applications

  • Underwater HD video inspection.
  • Dam survey and inspection.
  • Aquaculture operation and support.
  • For scientific community - Environment - Energy - Aquaculture...

Special features

  • Professional grade hub for integration and combination of a wide range of modules and sensors, from TMI-Orion or third parties.
  • Easy combination of up to 8 thrusters for power demanding applications.
  • 1 front camera and 1 rear camera, with full HD IP video and real time transmission to the Surface Control Unit.
  • Embedded battery pack.
  • Easy to maintain and upgrade.
  • Reliable and rugged.

Click here to discover the S-ROV in a video from the Institut Marin du Seaquarium of Grau-du-Roi, France (in French).