Underwater robotics

Underwater robotics

Complete solutions for measurement and operation in underwater environments: ROV, modules and data loggers, Electrical Manipulator Arm...

Underwater The underwater modular robotic platform ROV (Remote Operated Vehicle) is intended for various operations in shallow water and seabed, with the different modular blocks: sensors, multi-axe arm, winches, monitoring units for surface facilities.

The modularity of our system offers reliability, scalability and easy maintenance.


S-ROV Platform

The various features of the platform offer solutions in the following fields:

- oceanology, hydrology, archeology,
- offshore oil and gas, telecom, wind,
- environment,
- maritime and shipbuilding companies,
- aquaculture...

For more information on our offer for underwater robotics, please visit our website tmi-orion-dynamics:

TMI-Orion Dynamics





为一系列应用如环境保护, 海洋学, 水利, 离岸能源, 水产养殖等的水下测量(温度, 压力...)提供解决方案。         这些解决方案包括S-ROV模块平台和适合不同应用的嵌入式传感器。