CERAMITEC, Munich-April 9-12

TMI-Orion will be at CERAMITEC Munich, April 9 -12, booth A4.116.

Profiling measurement data logging solutions for dryers and kilns

Embedded data logging solutions for dryers and kilns: temperature, shrinkage, humidity, anemometry and mass measurement.

TMI-Orion presents a full range of high temperature data loggers designed for ceramics, tile and brick industries, measuring:
- temperature, humidity, air flow, mass loss and shrinkage measurements of your products and environment during drying processes,


- temperature profile of your products and kilns during curing processes.

TMI-Orion data loggers are used with TMI-Orion Qlever Software to display and analyze data and edit specific measurement reports. The Qlever Ceramics module is specifically used for thermal profile mapping in various points of a cart load during the entire industrial cycle.

More info on our solutions for ceramics, tile and bricks industries