NanoVACQ Humidity

NanoVACQ Humidity and Temperature

Control temperature and humidity in your processes.

NanoVACQ HT is equiped with a humidity sensor and 1 or 2 temperature sensors. Its diameter is 31 mm.



NanoVACQ HT 140°C

1 Platinum internal temperature sensor
1 capacitive humidity sensor



NanoVACQ HT-Tc 140°C

1 Platinum internal temperature sensor
1 Platinum temperature sensor at the end of a rigid probe (length to be determined)
1 capacitive humidity sensor



With the FullRadio option, the logger can be set up and read out in real time and wireless by bidirectional radio transmission. It is then possible to start and stop the data logger while it stays inside the industrial process.



For a NanoVACQ HT adapted to explosive environment, for example validation of Ethylen oxide sterilization, please contact us.

Read more, download the NanoVACQ Humidity leaflet.