PicoVACQ Thermocouple universal

PicoVACQ Thermocouple universal

Temperature measurement up to +1820°C in your thermal processes with a configurable thermocouple channel data logger.

PicoVACQ Th - 3 modèlesThe PicoVACQ Th universal is a small rugged data logger (16 mm in diameter) equipped with a universal thermocouple micro-connector.

Depending on the thermocouple used (T, J, K, N, B, R, S, E), the measurement range varies from 0°C to +1820°C.


The PicoVACQ Th universal must be protected by a thermal shield adapted to the application when used in temperatures over +140°C.

Flexibility of use due to the possibility of using various thermocouple types.

Among the most common applications:

  • Bottle depyrogenation in pharmaceutical industry.
  • Internal and external varnish polymerization of aluminum bottles and sprays in packaging industry.
  • All tube manufacturing processes in metal industry like pipe spinning, annealing, hot piercing, coating, etc...


PicoVACQ Th universel

PicoVACQ Th universal

1 universal micro-connector for thermocouple

Pt1000 sensor for cold junction and internal temperature.

Three models depending on operating range.

Please download the data sheet for more info.