Measure temperature inside kilns during curing process at very high temperature.

VACQ IIIStandard VACQ III enables temperature measurement in ceramics, tiles or bricks kilns

Thermocouple connection head can be adapted to any other industrial application according to kiln configuration.

It has 8 or 16 thermocouples channels and is also available in Radio Transmission version, for real time reading of recorded data.

QLEVER Ceramics

The logger is associated to a software designed for this industry.

It allows:

  • Visualization of thermocouple position in kilns,
  • temperature mapping,
  • matching wagon position in the kiln and temperature at corresponding location in kiln.



By positionning the instruments (burner 1, burner 2, door 1, door 2, ...) and relating them to the temperature data, you can anticipate possible failures.

Read more, print the VACQ III data sheet.




1 platinum sensor in the logger (for measurement inside shield)
1 platinum sensor as reference channel (cold junction) in the interconnection box
K type thermocouples


With the FullRadio option, the logger can be set up and read out in real time and wireless by bidirectional radio transmission. It is then possible to start and stop the data logger while it stays inside the industrial process.