VACQ xFlat

VACQ xFlat

The temperature data logger VACQ xFlat measures temperature in various points, for the control of thermal treatments in pharmacy, food, metallurgy, ceramics, tiles industries...

VACQ xFlat 2.8 FullRadio type KThe VACQ xFlat is a flat data logger, designed for flat access kilns. It is equipped with connectors for type T or K thermocouples.
The VACQ xFlat is also available in radio or FullRadio versions.


VACQ xFlat 1.8

VACQ xFlat

4, 8 or 16 K or T type thermocouple connectors



VACQ xFlat 2.8 radio

VACQ xFlat Radio

3, 7, 8 or 16 K or T type thermocouple connectors

The radio version allows real time visualization and/or recording of data.


VACQ xFlat 2.8

VACQ xFlat FullRadio

4, 8 or 16 K, T, B, S type thermocouple connectors

Choose the FullRadio option, for wireless and real time set up and reading of data. It is then possible to start and stop the data logger while it stays inside the industrial process.

Read more, download the data sheets VACQ xFlat, VACQ xFlat Radio and VACQ xFlat FullRadio