VACQ xFlat universal FullRadio

VACQ xFlat universal FullRadio

Real time and wireless temperature measurement with a 10 or 16-thermocouple channel configurable data logger.

PicoVACQ Th - 3 modèlesThe VACQ xFlat universal FullRadio is an extra flat data logger equipped with 10 or 16 configurable universal connectors for a variety of thermocouple types.

Depending on the thermocouples used (T, J, K, N, B, R, S, E) the measurement range varies from -230°C to +400°C to 0°C to +1820°C.

PicoVACQ Th - 3 modèles

The VACQ xFlat universal FullRadio must be protected by a thermal shield adapted to the application when used in temperatures over +140°C.

Cost saving – one data logger for a variety of temperature ranges

Flexibility of use due to the possibility of using various thermocouple types at the same time and various configurations recorded in Qlever software.

Examples of applications:

  • pharmaceutical industry (processes using liquid nitrogen, depyrogenation processes…),
  • ceramics (processes up to + 1820°C),
  • automotive (various thermal profiles of the different processes),
  • any application dealing with:

               - chamber profile validation
               - validation of processes operating at various temperatures.

PicoVACQ Th universel

VACQ xFlat 2.8 universal FullRadio

16 universal thermocouple miniature connectors

Pt1000 sensor for cold junction and internal temperature

VACQ xFlat 1.10 universal FullRadio

10 universal thermocouple connectors Fischer Connectors

Pt1000 sensor for cold junction and internal temperature

For more info, download the datasheet.