TMI-Orion, SA / TMI-USA, Inc

TMI-Orion, SA / TMI-USA, Inc

创建于 1994 年,最初的产品是用于灭菌控制的小型温压记录器, TMI-Orion 始终通过创新,扩大产品线来满足各行业的需求.

Innovation and continuous quest for Customer Satisfaction have led to an exceptional portfolio of products. Thanks to our large diversification, most of the industrial needs can be satisfied.

- Process validation, by an accountable measurement accuracy and a series of application driven software packages.

- Process monitoring, by real time measurements thanks to a variety of communication systems (wired, radio, FullRadio) and physical parameters (temperature, pressure, humidity, air flow, weight, length, and others).

- Process control, by using FullRadio transmission to control the process in real time or to transfer the data to an information system.

A flexible and innovative engineering team is constantly designing the best products and solutions for your needs.

TMI-Orion is working in most industrial sectors:

Food processing, pharmaceutical industry, hospitals, biotechnologies, ceramics, chemistry, metal processing, material, automotive, aeronautics...

An engineering company

TMI-Orion, expert in embedded technology, takes advantage of its years of experience to offer customized solutions.

An international company

Operating from France, USA and China, TMI-Orion serves customers in more than thirty countries around the world thanks to a distribution network.

This strategy of innovation, quality and international scope led to the organization of an industrial group consisting of the following entities:

TMI-Orion, located in France near Montpellier is in charge of Research & Development, sales in France, Europe, Japan, Middle-East and Africa, as well as of manufacturing and after-sales services for these markets.

TMI-USA, located in Reston VA, USA is in charge of sales, manufacturing and after-sales services for USA, America and Asia.

TMI-USA Shanghai  is in charge of technical support to Chinese customers.

TMI-Maroc is in charge of sales and technical support in Morocco.

TMI-Orion SA, President Jean-Luc Favre
TMI-Orion, SA, Sales Manager, Emmanuel Cisternino
TMI-USA, Inc, President Guillaume Favre


TMI-Orion SA

Parc Bellegarde - Bât A
1, chemin de Borie
34170 Castelnau-le-Lez

Tel: +33 4 99 52 67 10
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11491 Sunset Hills Road,
Suite 310
Reston, VA 20190

Tel: +1 703-668-0114
Fax: +1 703-668-0118

TMI-USA Shanghai

Central Towers Center,
Room 1149, Tower B
No.567 Lan Gao Road,
Putuo District

ShangHai 200333,

齐翔宇 Xiangyu Qi
手机86 13817355057

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