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Qlever software

TMI-Orion Qlever software platform is regularly updated by our R&D lab to enhance and enrich its functionalities and user experience. Qlever has moved to version 2.3. This new edition is particularly important as it offers, besides various confort updates, three innovative functionalities.

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Universal thermocouple management

With the launch of the PicoVACQ Thermocouple in June 2018 and the announcement of the VACQ xFlat universal FullRadio, TMI-Orion is building an offer of interchangeable thermocouple data loggers which universal connectors can connect type K, T, N, J, B, E, S and R thermocouples.

Qlever version allows the customized setup of the channels. This version is mandatory when using PicoVACQ Thermocouple and VACQ xFlat universal FullRadio.

Each customized configuration can be recorded, by process or by equipment, and reused easily for a future thermal cycle.

Humidity mapping

Functionality available in the Mapping Module.

Possibility of creating relative humidity calculated channels with a set of 1 temperature data logger + 1 relative humidity data logger or an Optidew® hygrometer, associated with temperature sensors positionned in the chamber.

Dynamic pressure calculation

Function available in the Autoclave validation module

Qlever now offers the calculation of the maximum dynamic pressure in an autoclave.

The pressure variation rate is used for the validation of the required performance of the packages materials in compliance with norm EN 868.

This functionality is intended for manufacturers of autoclaves and packages such as soft pouches used inside autoclaves, as well as for labs and various autoclave users.


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