VACQ xFlat Pt100

TMI-Orion is proud to present the VACQ xFlat Pt100









This new data logger in the VACQ xFlat family of products is equipped with 10 connectors for Pt100 connectable platinum sensors.

In association with other TMI-Orion data loggers, it allows a complete characterization of the process in temperature, pressure and humidity.

The VACQ xFlat Pt100 is placed outside the equipment, the probes only are inserted in the chamber. It is a good choice for chamber mapping and other processes with a measurement range from -90°C to +260°C.

  • 10 Pt100 channels on the same data logger.
  • 3 types of connectors available: Fischer Connectors®, LEMO®, Sub-D 25.
  • Data logging and analysis with TMI-Orion Qlever software and related application modules.
  • Powered by AC adaptor or batteries.
  • Light and compact data logger, easy to transport and handle.

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