ELA - Electrical linear actuator

ELA - Electrical linear actuator

High-performance compact module for underwater operation.

The Electrical linear actuator (ELA) is a compact and reliable module designed for underwater operation down to a depth of 500 meters.

Intuitive programmable position controls, embedded controllers, modular system.

Can be mounted on TMI-Orion ROV platforms or retrofitted to most ROV systems.

Targeted applications

  • Manipulator component.
  • Underwater motion system (camera, projector pan and tilt, sonar, thruster...)
  • Ballast correction system.
  • Sampling system.
  • ROV locking system.
  • Subaquatic tooling / ROV equipment.
  • For scientific community - Environment - Energy - Aquaculture

Special features

  • Ideal for applications with large thrusts where precision and motion control are needed.
  • Position feedback.
  • 1 connector for add-on capacity (additional actuators, camera, projector...).
  • With embedded electonic controller (no external POD required)..