DSPRH - Depth and AHRS sensor

DSPRH - Depth and AHRS sensor

Depth & AHRS sensor module

Depth and AHRS sensor module: full scale of 500 or 2000 meters, temperature, pressure and AHRS configurable up to 100 Hz rating.





Targeted applications

  • ROV or AUV depth sensor,
  • Auto depth routine,
  • Underwater IMU and AHRS,
  • Depth and attitude logger upon request.


  • Two depth sensors available for 500 and 2000 meters.
  • Pitch, roll and compensated compass available to provide a complete AHRS from 9 degrees of freedom.
  • Pitch/Roll/Yaw/Heading/Pressure/Temperature/Acc/Gyr/Mag/Time stamp,
  • Configuration of data output and data rate,
  • Autonomous and integrated logger options available upon request,
  • High quality pressure sensor,
  • RTD temperature sensor
  • AHRS with magnetic field immunity.