LL - LED light

LL - LED light

Underwater LED light module.

The Led Light module delivers brightness, reliabilty and remote controlled networked lighting system for ROV, AUV and lighting platforms.


This model will soon be replaced by a more powerful LED Spot with variable intensity.



Targeted applications

  • General underwater inspection,
  • Diving applications,
  • ROV system,
  • Tow and drop camera system,
  • Winch and deck lighting,
  • For scientific community - Environment - Energy - Aquaculture.

Special features

  • Rugged, reliable and compact housing,
  • High performance led COB up to 2000 lm,
  • Light weight and compact,
  • Can used down to 300 meters deep,
  • Thermal protection electronically regulated to protect the LED and LED driver from high temperatures,
  • Housing material: hard anodized aluminum,
  • Trimmable lighting power via RS485.