LL - LED light

LL - LED light

Underwater LED light module.

The Led Light module delivers brightness, reliabilty and remote controlled networked lighting system for ROV, AUV and lighting platforms.





Targeted applications

  • General underwater inspection.
  • Diving applications.
  • ROV system.
  • Tow and drop camera system.
  • Winch and deck lighting.
  • For scientific community - Defence and security - Energy - Aquaculture.

Special features

  • Rugged, reliable and compact housing.
  • High performance led COB up to 1500 lm.
  • Light weight and compact: 0.3 kg (air), 0.15 kg (fresh water)
  • Can used down to 300 meters deep.
  • Thermal protection electronically regulated to protect the LED and LED driver from high temperatures.
  • Housing material: Anodized aluminun or Stainless Steel.
  • Trimmable lighting power via RS485.