PicoVACQ PT 4 Hz Type 3

PicoVACQ Type 3 - Model PicoVACQ PT 4 Hz Type 3

TMI-Orion presents the PicoVACQ Type 3, a new generation of temperature and temperature & pressure data loggers in all types of containers, even small ones. The PicoVACQ Type 3 offers higher performance: the memory capacity is more than 8 times larger than with the previous version and the time drift is improved.

The first product of this new generation of data loggers is the PicoVACQ PT 4 Hz Type 3, for temperature and pressure measurement up to 15 bar and 4 acquisitions per seconds.
More models to come in the next weeks, with even higher acquisition rates.

Watertight, with very small dimensions (diameter 17 mm), the PicoVACQ PT 4 Hz Type 3 can fit inside most types of containers at the heart of processes.

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