PicoVACQ Pressure Type 3

PicoVACQ PT 4 Hz Type 3

Temperature and pressure measurement in your processes, in all types of containers, with a high performance watertight and very small datalogger (diameter 17 mm).  

The PicoVACQ PT 4 Hz Type 3 model is a very small data logger for temperature and pressure measurement, up to 15 bar and 4 acquisitions per second.

It offers higher performance; the memory capacity is more than 8 times larger than with the previous version and the time drift is improved.

The 4 Hz acquisition rate is important in processes where the pressure changes quickly.



PicoVACQ PTPicoVACQ PT 4 Hz Type 3

1 piezoresistive pressure sensor
1 internal platinum temperature sensor


PicoVACQ PT dans boîte de conserve

Positionning kits

Positionning kits are available to maintain the sensor at cold point in the process, for loggers placed inside or outside the container.

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