Metal processing

Metal processing

TMI-Orion offers a complete line of temperature data loggers for monitoring metallurgy processes. Customized thermal shields fitting the thermal profiles are engineered for temperature above 140°C.

Qlever software, developed by TMI-Orion, allows measurement conditions programming, data reading out, and data processing.

Most of the high temperature processes can be monitored by the thermocouple data loggers PicoVACQ Th, VACQ xFlat, and VACQ Autoclave. Placed inside the process and protected by a thermal shield, the TMI-Orion data loggers can resist to temperature up to 1200°C during a duration defined by the thermal shield technical specifications (dimensions, thermal insulator technology).

1, 4, 8 or 16 thermocouples, depending on the data logger model, are positioned at the critical points of the thermal process. The watertightness of some models fits harsh process conditions (pressure, vacuum, gas). A real time data transmission is most of the time very possible.

The VACQ Autoclave, thanks to significant technical innovations, is characterized by its sturdiness and its accuracy. It has been specially designed to operate inside high pressure autoclave. Moreover, our Research laboratory is constantly considering customization for adapting the thermocouple connection head to new applications.

The VACQ xFlat, is not watertight, but its very small height makes it very practical in many applications.

The VACQ uFlat is an ultra flat temperature datalogger with 3 thermocouple channels. Its very small dimensions (7.5 mm high) fit in limited clearance dry heat ovens. Non watertight.

The PicoVACQ Thermocouple, is remarkably small, even with its thermal shield.

Radio option for real time data acquisition is available on most of models of VACQ line.


Some applications

  • Hot piercing
  • Centrifugation molding
  • Annealing
  • Tempering
  • Normalization
  • Quench hardening
  • Coating polymerization



Data loggers for those applications

VACQ xPlatPicoVACQ Thermocouple

VACQ xFlat, 16 thermocouples, H 20 mm                PicoVACQ, 1 thermocouple, D 15 mm

VACQ AutoclaveVACQ uPlat

VACQ Autoclave, 16 th., D 96 mm                       VACQ uFlat, 3 thermocouples, H 7,5 mm

Thermal shield High Temperature.jpgThermal shield 200/120

Thermal shield (high temperature)                        Thermal shield example

QLEVERQlever Software